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tent 995x664 165746 960x420Lowveld Canvas is a well known company in Nelspruit that is situated in the Lowveld of Mpumalanga.

Lowveld Canvas is situated in Nelspruit, the capital of Mpumalanga, the heart of the place of the rising sun. Originally called SA Canvas, Lowveld Canvas was bought by present owner Mr. Gerhard de Jager in June 1996.

Experts in the manufacturing of custom designed covers for all types of vehicles, be it car, truck, boat or plane. Not to mention carports, awnings, pool covers, tents or in true African style, a custom roof for bush retreats or lodges to suit any requirement.

We believe that we can be of great service to our immediate community as well as South Africa in general. For this reason we contract nationally as well as internationally, hence building a wide range of experience and expertise.

Our aim is to create long standing relationships with our customers by satisfying their every need in providing excellent customer service.  We strive to provide an ever expanding range with good quality at competative prices.

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See our wide range of canvas products here...